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On handling personal information(Information on Registrant)

Bizmates, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) shall handle personal information that the Company acquires upon member registration in the personnel placement services, etc. offered by G Talent, operated by the Company, in accordance with the laws and regulations in relation to personal information.

Purpose of collection and use

The Company shall use the personal information you entered limited to the following purposes:
・For provision of services, such as job referrals from the Company, contact relevant to jobs, etc.
・Provision of products and services you apply for
・Guidance and messages from the Company relating to products and services
・Analysis of customer trends, surveys and analysis of product development, etc.
・Handling when trouble occurs, or emergencies such as disasters, etc.
・For collection of damages, etc.

Security management

The Company shall handle the acquired personal information of job-seekers upon taking proper security protection measures, and manage it properly so as to avoid leaks, alteration, improper disclosure, unauthorized use or unauthorized access.

Disclosure and provision to a third party

The Company may provide registered personal information to a third party according to the following guidelines, within the scope necessary for achievement of the purposes of business. The Company will not provide the information to a third party without the consent of the subject person of the information.
(1) Purpose of provision to a third party: For referral of jobs
(2) Items of personal information to be provided: Necessary information relating to recruitment activities, such as name, academic background, work history, qualifications
(3) Means or methods of provision: Data communication by encryptions
(4) Type and attribute of organization of party who receives provision: A person in charge of recruitment of job offering company.
(5) Agreement on handling of personal information: For handling of personal information, the recipient of information is obligated under a written agreement to perform proper personal information protection.


The Company may entrust a part of the management of personal information deposited with the Company to a third party. When the Company outsources all or part of the business affairs of the Company, the Company shall choose a contractor for entrustment of work where adequate information management is performed, and strive to exercise necessary and proper supervision of the outsourcee so that the information will be handled at the outsourcee in a way equivalent to that of the Company.

Disclosure, correction, deletion

When the job-seeker himself/herself makes a request concerning the acquired personal information, the Company shall respond with disclosure, correction or deletion, etc. within a reasonable scope.


Please understand that if the required entry items of personal information are not entered, in some cases the person may not receive proper service.


For inquires on disclosure, correction or deletion, etc. of personal information, please contact the below:

Personal Information Protection Manager, Corporate Design Headquarters Information System Office Director
Bizmates, Inc.
Email address: privacy@bizmates.jp

The governing language of this Terms of Use shall be Japanese.