The Space Business Industry: World’s Most Admired Japanese Ventures

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We would like to introduce some of the Japanese venture companies that are attracting attention in various fields of the space business industry.

The first part of this article explains the current state of the industry and its classification, so if you want to understand the industry first, please refer to the previous article, “The Space Business Industry and Current Situation“.

Featured Japanese Companies in the Space Business

We would like to introduce Japanese companies that are attracting attention in various fields of the space business.

Manufacturing Field

This field involves the manufacture of rockets, satellites and ground stations. Recently, an increasing number of companies are investing in the production of small rockets and small satellites.


AXELSPACE is a Tokyo-based space start-up company specializing in the development of low-cost, short-duration nano-satellites. AXELSPACE’s small satellites are capable of detecting a wide range of anomalies, as they can routinely monitor the Earth from 600 km above the ground. In addition, the company is one of the companies that are attracting attention in the space business, which also analyzes and provides information on the data obtained from satellites.

Interstellar Technologies

Unlike Axelspace, Interstellar Technologies, which was founded in 2013, is not developing small satellites, but rather small rockets and their launching. The company is also sponsored by the IT entrepreneur “Horiemon”, which has become a hot topic. In addition to small rockets, the company is also attracting attention for its efforts to develop low-cost liquid fuels.

Infrastructure Field

Space infrastructure, like terrestrial infrastructure, is an area that supports the services used by people around the world. Like terrestrial infrastructure, space infrastructure will become increasingly important for convenience, services, and national security/defense in the future.


Giving instructions to satellites has been complicated and has the disadvantage of being able to do it only a few times a day.
Infostellar is trying to change that by getting satellite operators to share their antennas.
By connecting antennas around the world and creating one network, they are working to make it possible for everyone, from meteorologists to farmers, to be connected to a satellite anytime, anywhere. In addition, the fact that the company has been selected for the ICT innovation creation challenge program (I-Challenge!) by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) makes it an increasingly popular company.

Use of Satellites

The use of satellites is used to study things such as location and climate change, and their use is used to improve overall services on earth.

Magellan Systems Japan

Magellan Systems is a company that provides high-precision satellite positioning systems. Magellan Systems is a company that contributes technologically to a wide range of fields, such as smart agriculture, automated driving, and drones, with its self-developed satellite positioning system.(What is Satellite Positioning System /Magellan Systems

Use of Space

The use of space, as the name implies, represents making things in an environment that does not exist on Earth. For example, storing energy in an environment that is impossible on Earth, such as solar power, which is not affected by clouds or weather.


Thanks to the zero-gravity environment of space, precipitation and condensation of aqueous components produced during the purification of proteins can occur, producing clean proteins and facilitating the analysis of their structure.
This was the focus of PeptiDream. This was the inspiration for PeptiDream. Currently, PeptiDream provides treatments such as special peptide treatments and small-molecule treatments, and is also conducting high-quality protein crystal generation experiments in the Japanese Experiment Module of the International Space Station “Kibo”.

Space Exploration

Space exploration is divided into two types: Human Space Exploration, where humans board rockets and other vehicles for space exploration, and UAV Space Exploration, in which an aircraft without a human pilot onboard goes into space.

PD Aerospace

The company is developing a reusable aircraft for space transportation, combining jet combustion and rocket combustion, which could be developed in-house

It is a high-profile venture that aims to make space travel a success.

Space Debris

Space debris is “debris generated by used satellites or collisions between satellites”. Removing this space debris is another important area of the space business.


Founded in 2013, AstroScale provides active space debris removal services to mitigate the growth and danger of debris accumulation in space. Other services include in-situ space status checks to ensure that satellites and rockets do not collide with space debris.


We sincerely hope that our previous and current articles on hot ventures in the space business industry will further deepen your interest in the space business.

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