Top Mobile App Development Companies in Japan

With the world facing a global health crisis, most of us are stuck at home. We rely on our smartphones now more than ever to stay connected. With the use of mobile apps, we have access to entertainment, news, and services. As the world copes by hopping from one mobile application to another, smartphone usage has gone up considerably.

You could be one of the millions playing incredibly entertaining games like Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Monster Strike. You could also be catching up on some of your favorite anime via manga apps. Or you could be doing some online shopping on Rakuten. It wouldn’t come as much of a shock if you are, as these are some of the most popular mobile apps in the entire planet.

The point is, your favorite applications could either be Japanese-made or developed in Japan, as several great apps typically originate from Japan. This is because Japanese mobile app development companies are always striving to develop the “next big thing” in the lucrative mobile application industry.

To achieve their goals, Japanese app companies are always on the lookout for the best talents available. The market’s competitiveness opens up many employment opportunities for foreign IT engineers to seize.

In this article, we’re going to highlight the top app development companies in Japan for aspiring mobile IT engineers and also provide you a brief overview of their history and identity as a brand.

1. Tacchi Studios

Tacchi Studios, located in Shibuya City, Tokyo, is an app development company that provides services like e-commerce development, web development, and UI-UX design, so it’s perfect for versatile IT engineers who want to work on areas other than mobile apps.

Since 2011, Tacchi Studios has been known to create cutting edge applications on various operating systems including iOS, Android, and the web. Their creativity has enabled them to partner with several companies like Nike, Mymizu, Speed Learning, TEPCO, Summerbird Organic, Wieden+Kennedy,, and Nicolai Bergmann.

If you want to work on other areas while developing mobile apps, Tacchi Studios should be the place for you.

2. Wizcorp

If developing mobile games is your passion, then Wizcorp could be the perfect place for you. The development company specializes in the game development process. Wizcorp’s IT engineers work on conceptualization and design, game production, and live ops. They use the best gaming technologies today such as systems from Unreal, Playcanvas, Defold, and Unity.

The Chūō City-based company has a fantastic track record, developing and designing popular games like Gundam Cross War, Striker Arena, Striker Arena: Axe Grinder, Pochamogu, and Dofus Touch. Wizcorp has also worked with major companies like LINE, Bandai Namco, Yahoo! Japan, and Square Enix.

If you want to develop awesome games, then you should seriously consider applying for Wizcorp.

3. Monaca

Despite being one of the pioneering app development companies in Japan, Monaca continues to innovate even after 18 years. Working for Monaca is ideal for IT engineers who want to work for a more experienced and established employer.

The company takes pride in its development of hybrid mobile applications. They have provided utility services for Dolby Laboratories, back-end development for Kii Corporation, test support for NTT Resonant Inc., and analysis for Amazon, Repro, and AppsFlyer.

Monaca is also known for developing its Cloud app, a mobile app dedicated to enterprise mobile strategy, debugger, local environment development support tool, and command-line interface.

If you seek employment under a more seasoned establishment, then Monaca could be the perfect place for you.


CREAM approaches app development in a more modern and “hip” manner. In fact, they introduce the company on their website by stating verbatim: “From the heart of Shibuya to the World, CREAM makes it digitally rain. Expect the unexpected from our small-size-big-impact team yo.”

CREAM is the perfect company for the young and young at heart. They even feature a merchandise line that they label as “CREAM SWAG.” So, if you want to work on earning some company respect points, don some of the company apparel available on their website such as CREAM graphic t-shirts, CREAM phone casing, CREAM tote bag, and CREAM cap.

But don’t let their refreshing style fool you, they are known for their excellent tech work in HR and commerce/retail industries. They also help companies in Japanese localization strategies, and have provided services for large brands such as TAG Heuer, BVLGARI, Seiko, and Asics.

CREAM is the ideal place for IT engineer aspirants who want to work in a younger and more invigorating environment.

5. Rain Interactive

Rain Interactive offers up a diverse range of services including digital and web marketing, web and business consulting, web design and development, e-commerce, search engine optimization, graphic and print design, custom system development, and mobile application development.

Their impressive portfolio consists of working with notable brands such as BMW, Ray-Ban, Avex Group, All Nippon Airways (ANA), Ebara Corporation, and Global Logistics Properties (GLP).

Applying for Rain Interactive could be the next best move for your career if you want to develop skills while practicing your expertise in application development.


Tacchi Studios, Wizcorp, Monaca, CREAM, Rain Interactive are some of the best mobile application development companies in Japan. Who knows, these promising agencies could be the ideal next chapter for you professionally.

There are several employment opportunities in Japan for foreign IT engineers who want to work for companies that specialize in developing mobile applications. The terrific options include, but are not limited to, the listed companies above.

You can apply for your dream IT engineering job in Japan as soon as the COVID-19 crisis is over. Discover openings and useful tips on our website below. Good luck with your future endeavors, and we hope all of you stay safe!